Podcast #251

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Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #251

  • Movember recap & renewed end of year goal
  • Ruby's Tantalizing Tatas Exposure!
  • Rules of Masculinity thoughts
  • Rules on Femininity thoughts
  • Upcoming giver podcast submission request
  • Crossdressing podcast submission deadline
  • Bisexual podcast submission deadline
  • They had exciting prostate exploration with their partner!
  • He has no problem finding women to peg him
  • Regular podcasts make him happy, as does his wife asking to peg him!
  • He loves the Njoy Purewand & remains hopeful about pegging
  • She wants a toy that allows her to feel the fucking...
  • He shares a funny story about shopping for panties!
  • He describes his prostate orgasms and how he achieves them
  • Upcoming webinar dates



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