Tatas for the WIN!!

Tatas for the WIN!

I asked...

...and you totally came through! Thanks to two very generous donors, I not only reached my $1000 goal for Movember 2019, but I raised $1260 for my Sex Educators of the World team!!

WOW!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Due to the generosity of ALL the people who contributed to my Movember fundraising efforts, Ruby's Boobs are once again (and in much better focus) posted here at Pegging Paradise, for the world to enjoy! Honestly it feels kind of exposed and a little embarrassing, because I have so assiduously avoided putting naked pics of me on the interwebs...

But this is, and was, completely worth it! The whole point was to raise money for Movember to help further their goals of stopping men from dying too young. That's the serious part, looking past my tatas (if you can). And by the way, you are welcome to continue contributing to the fundraiser until April of 2020, at which time Movember will take down my personal Mo space in preparation for Movember 2020. Thanks again!!

Lots of Love, Ruby

And now....the promised TATAS!

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