Masturbation May (Gets) Off to a Great Start!

Turn up the volume and listen to him!

The New Toy!

The Lora DiCarlo Sway was a lovely experience last night. Masturbation Month has officially begun! It had been a while since I enjoyed a blended orgasm with internal and external stimulations. The curves of the toy are just right, reminiscent of the Njoy Purewand. Those orgasms are typically longer, softer, less sharp, more time to enjoy them, and sometimes the window of opportunity to go for another.

I was watching gay porn, and marveling over the enthusiastic moans of the bottom. My search words typically include something about moaning. Because active, verbal bottoms are a delight. Not the kind that have a running commentary of words (fuck me daddy!), just the moans and gasps and whimpers. They delight me, thrill me, send me over the edge pretty quickly.

I Want to Hear the Moans

There is something so satisfying about receiving feedback of that type when I am fucking a partner. Every thrust produces a noise. Harder thrusts produce louder noises, quicker thrusts sometimes cause the noises to go up in tone. It's not always that direct of a response and reaction, but when it is, it's fucking hot! That's good bottoming, you receivers. Be expressive, cut loose! Let us hear you allow that beautiful opening, offering up such beautiful, aching, vulnerability. Yum!

For me, and for many givers, here is how it works. We are on a quest to get you receivers to let it all go, and make some fucking noise! Your reactions and responses tell us a lot, and reassure us that we are doing a great job fucking your awesome asses. Don't be the dead fish. Have fun, and let us hear your delight and your enthusiastic enjoyment of that toy sliding deep inside you!

Masturbation May is definitely going to be a fun month...

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