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Podcast #241

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #241 Patron/Donor Update Reactions to Ruby’s Coming Out He has questions about toys to increase her pleasure They are searching for a specific type of lady cock… They are looking for a good harness for larger hips They need a BBW and big toy harness Charles needs help talking to …

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Podcast #238

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #238 Update on Ruby’s Journey He shares his (similar) journey Meet My Asshole She (seriously) is having trouble finding a pegging partner She’s concerned that pegging is causing his ED He’s concerned about the angle of the Fuze Tango He wonders whether a dildo with balls will fit in the …

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Skin-Like Dildos

Well…I am not sure whether I am behind the curve a bit, but I have some dildo news for you lovers of cock-shaped toys. Which…if you are at this website, is all of you, right?! I’ve written at length about toxic toys, and have generally recommended silicone dildos for their sterilizability, harness compatibility and non-toxic …

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