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About Censorship

As a sex educator, I feel a constant dichotomy. Sure, it feels great to be out with my sexual desires. I enjoy a freedom of expression that too few allow themselves. Most people walk around in this world so constrained by the ‘shoulds’. Their beautiful and unique parts get hidden away for fear of what …

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Day 18 – More


More The unfeigned truth is that I want more More of it all More of the sounds you make when I’m inside you More moments when your face crumbles with the thrill of my invasion the surprise of it feeling so fucking righteous the sweet twisted sensation of your exposure I want more of it …

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Happy 8th Birthday to Pegging Paradise!

♥♥♥ I’ve often wondered what exactly it was that inspired me to create Pegging Paradise. I mean aside from a serious fascination with the male ass. Because creating a website and writing a regular blog is a serious amount of work, much less recording a regular podcast! I guess I was following my path, pursuing …

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Podcast #184

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #184 ❤ Bisexuality Podcast Update! Deadline Feb 7th. ❤ An under-the-weather Ruby rants and muses about #metoo, consent when dating, keyholders and gatekeepers, and personal experiences.  

Kinkly’s Reader’s Choice #1 !!!!!

    Wow, when I ask for votes, you lovely people really come through! You come through wearing sparkly, glittery capes that say, “We love Ruby!” I do feel really loved… Loving what I do, and being loved for what I do is my definition of happiness, btw! Thank you!!! ????????❤????????????

Guest Blogger – “Why I Want Your Ass”

Many of you who gentlemen who come to this website are hungry to hear women talk about why they love pegging. What is it about penetrating your fine asses that we love so much? Hearing these stories gives you all hope that there are indeed women out there who want it as much as you …

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Walking My Talk – Inclusion

Yesterday while I was searching for pictures of masturbation to use in my daily posts, I realized something. I felt drawn to the perfect-bodied model type pics, photos that depicted society’s warped vision of what ‘beautiful’ or ‘hot’ is. I know that standard of beautiful/handsome is warped, but I was still drawn to it when …

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The Things I Missed

This is the third of 4 pieces about an encounter I had with a sociopath. The rest are here: My Encounter With a Sociopath Fuck You, Chicago Man Cleaning Out My Rooms This one   ❤❤❤❤❤   What did I miss? What did I not see that allowed me to engage so fully with a …

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Cleaning Out My Rooms

This is the third of 4 pieces about an encounter I had with a sociopath. The rest are here: My Encounter With a Sociopath Fuck You, Chicago Man This one The Things I Missed ❤❤❤❤❤ Last night, I was feeling sad. I missed the sociopath. Upon closer inspection, rather than missing him personally, I missed …

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Fuck You, Chicago Man

Please Take Note: This is a very angry open letter to a Sociopath who was a part of my life for a while. It is meant as a personal cathartic release. This piece of writing is not at all kind, nor is it meant to be. I am posting it publicly, for my own healing. …

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