Walking My Talk – Inclusion

Yesterday while I was searching for pictures of masturbation to use in my daily posts, I realized something.

I felt drawn to the perfect-bodied model type pics, photos that depicted society's warped vision of what 'beautiful' or 'hot' is. I know that standard of beautiful/handsome is warped, but I was still drawn to it when choosing pictures. Yikes! Time for a little self re-programming.

Since my entry into the sex-positive world about 9 years ago, I have experienced some delightful changes. Sure, before that time I gave lip service to 'all bodies are beautiful' and yet still primarily admired society's preferred version. Dropping into the sex-positive and sex education communities connected me with people of all gender identifications, shapes, sizes, colors and abilities. That has been such an excellent waker-upper! A figurative (and badly needed) "Wake UP' slap across the face.

I resolved to choose more pictures for my blog posts that included people of color, people of different sizes and shapes....everyone! My website has many followers, which brings an added sense of responsibility as well as exposure. I want to model what I believe in so there is no disconnect between my beliefs and my actions. If I act like a clueless ass in this arena, about 20K people a month will be shaking their heads in disappointment.

Choosing the pics yesterday showed me I'm not where I want to be, yet. I had the glimmer of a beginning and then stalled, adding pictures of people who didn't fit the model standard as a token 'different' photo instead of wanting to truly represent regular people. I wince as I write that. Damn it.

Clearly I need to kick my own ass a bit, here...and what better opportunity than Masturbation Month to practice walking that talk in a more conscious manner? In a manner that honestly includes everyone? Celebrates everyone?

This year, for Masturbation Month, I am dedicated, to the best of my ability, to bringing you photos every single day that depict the beautiful variety of people on this earth - all masturbating! Feel free to send me pics to include! (You don't have to tell me if they are pics of you....)

I invite you to walk this path with me.


Love, Ruby


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