Day 2 Orgasm 3

Second day into Masturbation Month 2017 and I am fucking inspired, I tell you!

I was surfing the internet to gather pictures of masturbation, and that turned me on. So I found some great gay porn to watch and get off for the second time today. What makes gay porn great for me? Well first off, anal penetration, my absolute favorite thing in the world. Good gay porn for me is amateur, and doesn't look staged. Also, if the men are making sounds - the more the better - it's a total turn on. So I found a clip where a hot bodied muscular hairy guy was standing and fucking a younger, smoother boy with a bubble butt, over the side of a bed. When the hairy guy came, he was buried deep inside the boy's ass, which I love. (Come shots do absolutely nothing for me.) The boy jerked himself off and came immediately after the guy. Fucking HOT.

So okay -- that was orgasm #3...but what about #2?

Again, in the wee hours of the morning (because that's when I finally quit work for the day), I found a fantasy floating through my head.

I have him naked and hard. We've been kissing and caressing for a while, and are both really turned on. He's my guy, and I fuck him often, so I know what size of toys he can take and how quickly I can sink them into his ass. I have him get on all fours on the bed and present his ass to me, head down on the bed, hands spreading his cheeks. I lube him up, and very slowly slide a large, vibrating dildo into his ass. He makes small sounds of pleasure which delight me. The vibrations are not turned on, but I have the remote.

I tell him to keep the dildo in his ass and follow me into the dining room. He holds it in with his hand and walks awkwardly behind me. I pull out one of the dining room chairs, solid wood, high backed, and no arms. I put a towel down over the seat and tell him to sit. He lowers himself to the chair and takes his hand away from the base of the dildo at the last second, sitting down on it to keep it in. He moans with the pleasure of it inside him.

I face him and climb onto his swollen cock, sliding it into my wet pussy. I admonish him not to come and begin riding him for my pleasure. I direct him to play with my nipples and kiss me. He is moaning through our kisses and it thrills me. I slip my hand between us and play with my clit, bringing myself closer to coming. I go back and forth between sliding his cock in and out of my pussy and stopping to rub my clit. Knowing that dildo is filling up his ass is thrilling me, too.

I get closer and closer to coming, and finally keep my fingers on my clit while I fuck his cock by sliding back and forth on it. My other hand is holding onto the back of the chair for leverage.

"Pick it up!" I gesture with my chin at the remote laying next to us on the table. He stops playing with my nipples and grabs it. He been working so hard not to come and the concentration shows on his face.

"Press...the blue button." I have to work to get the words out as my orgasm gallops towards me. He presses it.

Immediately he feels the buzz in his ass, and he whimpers with the effort not to come. I ride him hard and give him permission to let go. The sounds that he makes when he explodes inside me send me right to my peak, and our combined shrieks of pleasure alert the downstairs neighbors that we are, once again, enjoying some awesome fucking.


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