Day 3 Orgasm 4


Last night, I got all of my things ready for self-pleasuring - vibrating toy, lube, and towel - and crawled into bed, promptly going right to sleep. I've worked out at the gym the last couple of days. Sleep comes quickly when I exercise!

I am meeting a girlfriend tonight for dinner, so the situation called for an afternoon delight!

Thought about a past lover, how much he enjoyed getting beaten and fucked. He had a bratty, competitive side to him when I beat him. He would occasionally say, "That all you got?!" And I would lay into his ass even harder, much to his delight (and probably the distraction of the other people in the hotel rooms nearby).

But what turned me on the most is when I fucked him, the naked vulnerability he showed. He would cling to me, moaning and whimpering with each stroke. And he's such a big man, that made the contrast of his vulnerability even more beautiful.

Those thoughts are what fueled my orgasm this afternoon. I replayed a few tapes of that lovely man. Mmmmm.


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