Day 4 Orgasm 5

Last night before I faded off to slumber land, I had quite a nice session with a toy I have grown to really enjoy.

The G-Kii, made by Je Joue.

This toy has a vibe motor on both ends, and is adjustable. So, let's get into the nitty gritty talk about masturbation, shall we? Mine in particular, because that is my best frame of reference, right?

I have always been a Magic Wand kind of woman, meaning I need intense clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Recently, my Magic Wand broke - the wires pulled out from the base. So there I was facing Masturbation Month without my most efficient vibe! Rather than go into emergency mode, I paused. After all, I am blessed with a plethora of awesome sex toys. Surely I could make do without the Magic Wand and explore the others?

I chose the G-Kii. And this awesome toy was a part of 3 out of the 5 orgasms I have had thus far in May. Here's why I like it. The ability to adjust the curve guaranteed that I could find just the right U-shape to thrill both my G-spot and my clit. Though the clitoral vibe motor cannot compare to the Magic Wand (nothing can), the rather effortless stimulation of my G-spot in addition to my clit seems to make that a non-issue. Once I found just the right curve for my body, all I had to do was to press it against my clit a bit. The G-Kii does have a bunch of vibrating patterns and strengths, but I preferred steady on and full strength (understandable, coming from the Wand). The resulting orgasms are not as sharp edged, last longer (that always happens when I involve my G-spot) and don't require immediate removal of the toy. A kinder, gentler orgasm! (Plus, it's waterproof, rechargeable, and can be straightened out for use with a partner, too.)

What was going through my head when the G-Kii got me there?

Relaxed sex on a weekend morning, sun streaming in the window, white sheets. He and I are fucking lazily and I am loving the feel of his cock, how it stretches me and thrills particular spots inside me over and over. I admonish him not to come. He's good at that, and closes his eyes to concentrate. I slip my hand down between us and play with my clit until I get off, his cock sending so much added pleasure through me when I come. Then I push him back on the bed and take his cock in my mouth. I slide two lubed fingers into his ass and proceed to give him a first class blowjob while stroking his prostate just right. My goal is to get him to make as much noise as possible when he comes, and I do pretty well at that. His yells float out the open bedroom window and into the coolness of the morning air. Immediately after he shoots his come down my throat, I climb onto his still-throbbing and still-hard cock and sink it deep into my wet pussy, riding it 4 or 5 more strokes until he yells even more loudly. What he's not expecting is my kiss full of his come. And when we share it, I feel his cock throb powerfully inside me in response.

Oh Yeah.


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