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Podcast #239

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #239 Patron Update Masturbation Month Update Ruby Productivity Update He wants his GF to fuck him. Help? He wants to crossdress, she’s not thrilled, advice? He’s looking for photos of positions? Pegging Celebration Time His story, from solo play to awesome pegging to panties and more! He’s blossomed into a …

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Podcast #233

  Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #233 ❤ APA says Traditional Masculinity is Harmful to Boys ❤ I am sexualized (that’s different /sarcasm) ❤ The piece I wrote about sexualizing people ❤ Enzo waxes poetic about Pegging ❤ Ubu describes how she gets him to leave this planet! ❤ After my class she & new …

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