September 2011 archive

Sep 28 2011

Politics Again

Yes, you have to suffer through my political views on occasion…one of the privileges of owning a website and working hard to make it popular is that I get to use this soapbox at my own discretion. Usually I only hop on the box (that sounded dirty) about political issues that have something to do …

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Sep 26 2011

Intimacy and Pegging

Intimacy is often a necessary ingredient in pegging, and cannot be created with the buckle of a strap-on harness. The fantasy of meeting someone, going home with them and pulling out the strap-on makes for great erotica fodder, yet it rarely happens in real life. For most people, a certain level of intimacy is necessary …

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Sep 19 2011

Leading the Dance

  Leading the Dance   gazing at my pretty purple cock sliding into your awe-inspiring ass I feel the sheen of sweat on my back   the power of each thrust starts in my hips and ends in the soft oh! that finds its way out of your mouth   afloat in a sea of …

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Sep 15 2011

Inside Out

  Sometimes… I want to crawl right inside you. It is not enough that my tongue can slip into you… followed by my fingers… followed by my strap-on. I want to be inside you share in your swooning bliss and your hot spurting pleasure… from the inside out.     ©Ruby Ryder

Sep 11 2011


Coast highway sunshine glitters off waves that attract my favorite scenery. Surfers. Who are finished surfing. Oh, Jesus! If I pass one more muscular bronzed body standing roadside, sans wet suit, the curve of his impossibly toned gluteus maximus covered by a thin wet towel… I’m gonna drive off a cliff.  

Sep 10 2011

August’s Story Up

August’s story is finally up. Seems appropriate that we just had Labor Day because it felt like I had to work hard to birth this one! My apologies for the delay… Hope you enjoy it. “Have a Cookie” Officer Moretti discovers what happens when he is taken advantage of in an unguarded moment, and is …

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Sep 10 2011

Have a Cookie

Officer Moretti discovers what happens when he is taken advantage of in an unguarded moment, and is not unhappy with the results. Sometimes it’s good not to be in control…even if you didn’t plan it that way. Turns out to be the most exciting domestic disturbance call he’s ever had the pleasure to respond to.
Light D/s, blackmail, Cop!, handcuffs!, cookies
5600 words

Sep 08 2011


Looks like Barbie has more than a little surprise for Ken…

Sep 05 2011

Finding Ruby…

More search terms that brought people to Pegging  Paradise…here’s the ones that spent a lot of time here: “does pegging feel good for a guy?” There’s a lot to read here about that subject. Yes it does.   “guys like ass play” I like this one – it sounds assertive as opposed to a searching …

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Sep 03 2011


So what the fuck do those letters mean that I keep seeing? Jesus, you people and your acronyms! When I say “you people” I mean, well, everyone in the kink community. I include myself. And trust me, dear readers…we are solidly in the kink community according to the rest of the world. So let me …

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