May 27 2012

Day #26 Orgasm #28


So, Gentlemen, have you been

taking your turn at the self-serve pump?

Ladies, have you been

playing air guitar naked?

I have been faithfully stirring it up since May 1st, as you all know. And I have to say...this has been a productive month so far. In many areas in my life.

It's like I'm walking around with a little skip in my step because some of my needs have been nicely attended to. Imagine what I could accomplish if I had a fine man and was getting properly and regularly fucked. Wow, did I say that out loud? No matter. You readers know a fair amount about me and my proclivities. And it's not always about me taking full advantage of a sweet male derrière...sometimes it's about feeling his cock slide deep inside me, too. Love that sensation.


Last night...

My mind was on a friend (so far) of mine who actually figured prominently in the blog earlier this month. Remember the T-girl adventure? Right.

Well, I was picturing a threesome where he was fucking a woman missionary style and I was fucking him. Lots of kissing between everyone involved (because I recently discovered I do enjoy kissing women sometimes). After she came, she gave him a blow job while I was still fucking him until he exploded. My fantasy was particularly vivid. I was behind him, fucking him standing up. She was on her knees in front of him sucking on his cock. I could feel the heat of his skin and the hair on his chest as my arms wrapped around him and held him to me so I could penetrate him as deeply as possible. She and I met eyes over his shoulder as his orgasm turned him into a quivering, moaning and very happy man who needed to lie down soon after. She stood up with his come in her mouth and shared it with me in a soft, deep kiss. We joined him on the bed and then she and I kissed while he went down on me. Ruby got hers, too.

You know...I might just have to write that story...


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  1. Super steamy Ruby!
    A very wild threesome indeed!
    What was the other woman like? Was she all dolled up?

    1. Happy to hear you enjoyed this!
      The other woman was naked – we all were. And she looked like…the only woman I have spent any time kissing (she’ll know if she reads this).

  2. Thank you Ruby!

    Great job with the comment plug-in, BTW.

    1. Thanks! I must say I am quite proud of myself. I consider myself tech savvy but getting into the coding was scary yet exhilarating.

  3. Yes please!

    1. Lol – and with those two little words JRNYC puts himself right in the middle of that fantasy (literally and figuratively).

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