Day #25 Orgasm #27


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Last night...I had the house to myself, which meant I could get loud. So out came the Lelo. There is a way in which that toy, with a specific vibration pattern, pushed against my almost as good sensation-wise as the talented fingers of a partner stroking the same spot. Almost...because there is no warm body laying next to me kissing me with passion, holding me in his arms while I swoon and make the bed wet. But sometimes Masturbation Month requires sacrifices, so I did the best with what I had. The Lelo and my fingers.

Recall, dear readers...that both of my Hitachis died a sad death recently. I was relating that fact to a sex toy store owner friend of mine and she felt so bad for me she was ready to go get her sample Hitachi from the store! And by the way - for you online shoppers or people who live near Ventura, California, you won't find better products anywhere - Kama Sutra Closet only carries the best. She offers private, by appointment shopping in case you want to surprise your significant other with a trip to a very classy, elegant toy store. I have never experienced a nicer place to shop for sex toys. last night, what was it that nudged me over the edge into orgasm land? A memory. Of a hot guy tied up for me to play with as I liked. I slid deep inside him with his legs up in the air. I found a lovely rhythm and fucked him as I held his cock firmly in one hand. The expression on his face when he realized I wasn't going to stop and he was going to come. The trembling of his body and his cries of abandon. Hot memory. I am a fortunate woman to have had such passion in my life.


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  1. Glad you love and keep those memories. And if you find an amazing guy for yourself, no, I don’t mean deeper in the ass….What am I saying? Of course deeper since you’d love him! And more often if he loves it too…

  2. I enjoy reading all about your fantasy’s that you have. And, by the way…Thanks so much for all your writings and images during May. I’m not sure what you have in store for June. But, May was a banner month.

    1. Well Masturbation Month has certainly garnered some attention, that’s for sure. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the postings and images.
      Still thinking about what I will do for June. I’m going to have a contest for a free membership. Probably a couple of them. Details to follow…

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