May 15 2013

Day 11 Orgasm 13

 I love it when a picture inspires a story that unfolds with ease in my mind. And when that story turns me on, gets me wet and makes me come. Enjoy.

I'm watching him through the clear glass of the shower. He's preparing himself for me. He's been instructed to come to bed clean and ready.

The moment he walks back in with the towel around his waist, his hair damp and tousled, I spring off the bed. My strap-on bounces with my movement as I rip the towel off of him and bend him over the bed. Grabbing a hand full of his long brown hair in my fist I force his head down and growl at him.

"Get those fucking legs apart and show me that ass."

His cock is already getting hard as I bend him over.

"Yes Ma'am."

Amazing how when I am a bitch he can't control his arousal. Or maybe it's when I make him my bitch. Likely both. He puts his hands on the bed to balance himself and spreads his legs quickly, pushing his ass back towards me in offering.

I already have the lube in my hand and quickly cover my toy with it, roughly pushing two fingers inside him and enjoying the gasp followed by his moan as I slide into him in one smooth movement.

Fast. Very fast.

He loves it this way. He loves to feel taken. Like he has no choice. Like he's my toy to do with whatever I please.

I grab his hips and push deep, pausing to turn on the vibe in the lovely double dildo that teases my clit. And I proceed to fuck him in the way that turns me on the most. I pause occasionally to build up my anticipation and then push hard against him so my clit thrills with the vibrations. I use his ass.

He is there for me to use any way I want and all my movements are for my pleasure. I will come fucking this man. It is easier to come when I am not concerned about him, when it's all about me.

And when he feels that kind of movement, when he feels me start to move with that primal intensity he knows I am going to come. The thought of me taking him so roughly and using him for my own pleasure sends him over his edge and ropes of come spew onto the bed. I grunt and thrust hard into him as I orgasm, still thrusting and enjoying his whimpering when he gets too sensitive and I continue to push into him, enjoying the last waves of my pleasure.

Silly man. His fault. He wasn't supposed to come first.


©Ruby Ryder


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  1. Know what you mean about how a single picture, even unrelated can inspire an entire short story, scene or chapter Ruby. Done that with the book I’m writing.

    1. Inspiration and imagination are marvelous things in life…especially a writer’s life.

  2. Definitely my favourite for the month.

    Happy May, Ruby – I can’t wait for next year’s journal

    1. I was hoping to include a wide enough variety (within my preferences) that everyone could find something they liked….glad this one turned your crank. 😉

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