Sep 15 2015

Podcast #112 For the Ladies

Pegging Paradise Podcast #112

For the Ladies!

❤ For all the Ladies who are new to pegging! Did your significant other send you here? Are you wondering what this "pegging" thing is all about? This podcast is for you. Click the link above to hear an introduction to pegging, and...
❤ What it is
❤ What it isn't
❤ Why he might want to try it
❤ Why you might want to try it, too
❤ Addressing your misconceptions and concerns
❤ Accurate information about pegging!


New to Pegging FAQ
More FAQ

For concerns about orientation...
Orientation Concerns
Nope, Not Gay

Anal Foreplay For Newbies

Toys/Lube for Solo/Couple Anal Foreplay for Pegging
Njoy Purewand
Aneros Helix Syn
Best Anal Lube!
Don't forget the coupon code Ruby for 20% off!

Other Information for Newbies
Keeping it Clean
Can Pegging Cause Incontinence?
Does Pegging Feel Good?

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  1. Never thought I would even consider this, but after being recommended a prostate massage, I saw a video of pegging and got excited. The thought of being taken by a woman seems thrilling. Maybe one day I might try it if I find the right woman who isn’t degrading.

    1. Finding a woman who will give it to you the way you want to be taken is very important! Be sure to use your communication skills before jumping into bed with a strap-on!

  2. HI Ruby, I just want to say thank you..!

    Finding Pegging Paradise and in particular Episode 112 has just been absolutely amazing. I have long fantasized about pegging and have even shared my desires with my wife during steamy fuck sessions with her. But I’m not sure how sincere she believed I was about my lust to be pegged and was curious to why I want her to fuck me with a strap on.

    In the same breath anal play is not a foreign concept to us, as we already play around with rimming, fingers, and more recently, butt plugs. But your podcast put into words what I could freely not, and she is totally on board for wanting to explore and peg me now! Not that she wasn’t before but my wife now has a greater understanding of the deeper connection I hope to attain by having her fuck me.

    I’m a firm believer in taking things at an appropriate pace and am working my way towards the ultimate goal of being pegged. I play daily with the sensation the plugs create and working up to where I feel I need to be with regard to being pegged. And the very evening of my wife having listened to your amazing podcast (112) we discussed the subject of pegging. This got me slightly excited and we ended up talking about pegging whist my wife kindly gave me a hand job and my wearing a Fun Factory Plug. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever received. Many more to come I hope!

    So long story short….Thank you for helping me broach a subject that I was starting to feel was becoming an isolated interest as opposed to a shared experience with my wife. You have helped me tackle the fear of her judgement about my wanting to be pegged. Whilst also allowing my wife to look at her own fears about the subject. She gets my lust to see her wearing a strap on and my fantasies about wanting to feel her push deep into me. The desire to explore an intimate role reversal. I think my wife is arguably the most beautiful person on the planet. Inside and out. The strap on is an extension of that beauty to unlock something I know is waiting to bloom.

    Thank you!

    1. I read this and responded on podcast #156. So glad #112 helped – sounds like you two already having a great time, and soon to have even more…!

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