Jan 28 2016

Podcast #123

A Heady Mix

Pegging Paradise Podcast #123

❤ How do they add clit stimulation to a Fun Factory Share?
❤ He's doing the dishes with a plug in, and I make his day!
❤ They explore "erotic sexual denial" through orgasm control
❤ He discovers "riding" with the help of a FB friend
❤ Husband of loving & confused wife #116 shares his story
❤ She says it doesn't do anything for her. Suggestions?
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ Their first experience was sexy, erotic and powerful!
❤ After her fingers in his ass, does he need to wait for the next level?
❤ His wife has back off after 1st experience. Help?
❤ The "Man from Chicago" experience was...awesome.
❤ "As You Wish"

Podcast #112
We-Vibe 4 (to add to Fun Factory Share)
Charlie Glickman's Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure
We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibe
Suction Cup Dildos
Newbie Ass Play For Couples!
Can Pegging Cause Incontinence?


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  1. Hmmm….you mention National Masturbation Month…maybe time to bring back the “Record Your Orgasm” call-in line?

    1. Nice idea, and that was fun, but I found that not many of my listeners, who are male, like listening to other males having an orgasm. :-/ If I could get women to call in and record their orgasms – that would go over well…

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