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Oct 29 2016

Podcast #147

Pegging Paradise Podcast #147 ❤ Registration is fixed! Thanks, Johannes. 🙂 ❤ Patreon thank yous ❤ Pegging Gangbang Interview feedback. Y’all really liked it. ❤ Jaguar vs Minx harnesses – compare and contrast ❤ He’s very tall, she’s not – help with doggie style?? ❤ Best Suction Cup Dildo to ride? Vibrations? Curved? ❤ He …

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Jun 01 2016

Masturbation Month Finale

The unexpected. When gender expectations come into play. A beautiful soft-faced woman wearing ultra-feminine, lacy lingerie, pulled up to reveal a strap-on with a huge black dildo. Love this! Pegging is about fucking (literally) with gender norm expectations, after all. No wonder I love the contrast between masculine and feminine so much. Really thrills me! …

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May 31 2016

Day 31, Orgasm 17

  I was thinking about my Friday night during DomCon. Playtime with a hunk of a man. I put a pair of my black satin lace-trimmed panties on him. They looked sexy as fuck. They felt even better, running my hands over his ass, his cock. Those panties stayed on him all night. I pulled …

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May 30 2016

Day 30, Orgasm 17

So much fun in this pic. Imagine if it were a socially acceptable and perhaps even common thing to do, to wear a strap-on to a party as a sign that you are up for some fun, or maybe just horny. The experience of feeling a cock hard against your leg would be something anyone …

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May 29 2016

Day 29, Orgasm 17

Back to edging tonight. No more orgasms until the last day of the month, but 15 minutes every night, I ‘m doing it. It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the States. Time to remember the fallen, those who gave their lives in service to this country. Awareness of the military increases during this time, as …

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May 28 2016

Day 28, Orgasm 17

Chastity and Pegging. The thought turns me on intensely. Can’t say that I am a fan of any of the chastity cages I have seen, but the thought of tying a man’s cock up with rope while I am fucking him makes me squirm. There’s something about the containment, the constriction, that thrills me. Ideally …

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May 27 2016

Day 27, Orgasm 15

Sometimes what life sends my way is just so delicious, that I really want to share it with you all. This time I’m going to. So there’s this guy on FetLife. We crossed paths 4 years ago. I sent him a message because I liked his profile. It was exceptionally well written, and I do …

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May 26 2016

Day 26, Orgasm 15

For those just tuning in…May is Masturbation Month, and I’ve made a promise to, if not have an orgasm every day, to spend a minimum of 15 minutes pleasuring myself in some fashion. Whether edging, caressing myself, enjoying a hot bath with my vibrating ducky…well, you get the idea. Join me! It will color your …

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May 25 2016

Day 25, Orgasm 14

“So what’s the first thing you did when you put on your new…equipment? What was it like?” A girlfriend lunch. My BFF Selena was very interested in my new sexual exploration, pegging. She wanted to hear all about it. “I swung the cock around in circles!!!” We both burst into raucous laughter and a few …

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May 24 2016

Day 24, Orgasm 14

So the 15 minutes each day of giving myself pleasure? That was a little bit of a challenge during DomCon, but the massage was good for one day (Saturday) and a bath was good for another (Thursday)…and as I mentioned, Friday was certainly taken care of. (Sunday night was the two orgasm replay of Friday …

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