The Obvious Question

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So the obvious question is right there. Why Pegging?

I've asked myself that many times. Sometimes there is an obvious connection to a kink, a shining, thrilling  moment in your past when events and surroundings combined in an obvious manner that you can look back at and say "Ah! That first time I got to put my hands on a girl's breasts, she was wearing a cashmere sweater...ever since then, the touch of cashmere gets me hard."

Not so, with me. The answer to the obvious question of why pegging is a little less clear. I have just always been fascinated with asses. I suppressed those urges for years (they were in the dark drawer with the erotica), and had not just one but two (ex-)husbands reject the pegging idea. Sad to say I was not confident enough in my kinks to press the back into the dark drawer the pegging fantasies went. Until now.

This, my Pegging Coming-Out Party! The intervening years (and the internet) have made it quite clear to me that not only are there many other women who enjoy pegging with their guys, there are also a lot of guys out there who crave it, love it and need it (bless you, gentlemen!). Nice to know I am not alone...and neither are you, if you have found your way here...

For today, I leave you with a book suggestion: "The Adventurous Couple's Guide to Strap-On Sex" by Violet Blue. The most straightforward book about strap-on sex I have yet to come across. And all of the good information she offers is periodically spiced up with hot pegging stories. Talk about a win-win!

Ruby Ryder

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  1. So I take it you finally met someone who helped you open and bring into the light your dark drawers! What was it like the first time you fulfilled your desires?

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