Patted Down or Felt Up?

Ruby is traveling this holiday plane!

So, of course in my mind the ideal scenario would be getting patted down (felt up) by a handsome security a uniform, of course. Preferable to getting x-rayed with the full body scanner? You betcha. But that masturbatory fantasy is not gonna happen.

I hear that if you opt out of the full body scan you get patted down (felt up) by the same gender TSA screener. I have not yet explored the other gender...but I also can't say I have never found a woman totally hot - I so have. I hope my screener is her uniform.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Happy Pegging,

Ruby Ryder

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  1. Well, it was all rather anti-climactic because I just had to go through the metal detector – no full body scan this time.

    Arriving at my destination, however, there was a large digital advertising sign with changing messages. As is scrolled through various ads, a simple sentence appeared:

    “We hope the next time you are frisked, it is in a nice hotel room.”

    Those folks in Denver have a sense of humor!

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