I am particularly thankful for...

  • A world in which I am free to pursue my passion...over and over again.
  • My man, who loves to facilitate the pursuance of my passion...over and over again.
  • Quality toymakers and the imagination and inventiveness that drives them.
  • Podcasters and Bloggers who talk/write about sex!
  • That totally hot moment when my dildo sinks deep into his ass and I hear him moan.
  • Champagne. (Did you know that Trader Joe's brand champagne is really the Schramsberg that sells for twice the price?)
  • Words, including the marvel of mankind; the Thesaurus. The world is a much richer place with the written word.
  • Orgasms...whether big or small or soft or hard or solitary or shared or single or multiple...orgasms rock.
  • A man who brushes aside his fears and invites his woman to indulge in a little exploration of his ass.
  • A woman who brushes aside her fears and takes the time to discover how much pleasure she can give her man by indulging in a little exploration of his ass.
  • Quality Lubes.
  • The Inventors of Quality Lubes.
  • The Factories that make Quality Lubes.
  • All of you people who take the time to read my words...I thank you from the base of my strap-on dildo.

Be good to each other this day. Smile, laugh, hug and connect. The world is a wondrous place and we all get to be here!

Happy Pegging,

Ruby Ryder

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