Membership Offer Ending

Ten reasons why a Ruby Ryder Story Membership would rate right up there as a great gift for yourself or your partner:

  1. You love Erotica.
  2. Couples can look forward to that story each month...make it a special date and read to each other...ending up with hot sex, of course!
  3. You can enjoy the story solo...indulging in one of those extended masturbation sessions by reading a page every half hour...
  4. You are a cruel Domme and your sub is in a chastity device...pegging stories turn him on...need I say more?
  5. You are a sub and want to give your Domme ideas about what you have been craving...and how to give it to you!
  6. You are a woman who dreams of pegging a man...
  7. You are a man who dreams of being pegged by a woman...
  8. You really like Dan Savage and want to find out what all the fuss about “pegging” is about...
  9. You enjoy stories where the woman is very often in control...
  10. You love deals...and want to save money because the cost is going up next year…

Remember when I said this (ridiculously inexpensive) introductory price is like a hard cock; it won't last forever? The time has come (pun intended, of course).

Definitely a gift that keeps on giving…not only because a new story will arrive every month, but members tell me the stories are well worth re-reading; perhaps more exciting the second time…

The introductory price is good only through December 31st. Memberships paid any time before the 1st of January will be just $10.

(The new price for a membership in 2011 will be $15.)

You will receive the story: “First Time”

Brian Davis experiences a few “firsts” in his spontaneous encounter with the lovely Lani Cooke. She is a bit more than he bargained for, but he is not complaining. Discover what happens when a man can’t say no…

Just Click on "Shop For More" under "Stories"  for a Story Membership.

Please note: Ruby will be on holiday until the 26th. Stories for new memberships will be sent on that day.

Happy Holidays! (Here’s hoping some fabulous new toys appear under the tree…send me pictures.)

Ruby Ryder

“Elegant Erotica for Passionate People...”

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