Stupid Award of the Day

From the online magazine, "The Ladies' Monthly".

"Why You Should Open Up About Anal" is an article directed towards women about the reasons they should consider consenting to anal sex with their man.

Here is a short synopsis:

  1. Your friends are all doing it. Join the crowd.
  2. You will have power; he will buy you jewelry.
  3. You won't get pregnant.
  4. It will cure your constipation. (I wish I wasn't serious here, but sadly...that's pretty much what she wrote.)
  5. You can fuck him back.

Now, of course number 5 caught my here is that paragraph for you to read in its entirety (emphasis mine):

Ladies, lets be honest. If your man gets to play back there, he’s skating on thin ice when it comes to excuses why you cannot do the same. Sure you may have to purchase a strap on and a lot of extra lube, but he’ll pretty much have to. If you can think of any better revenge or stress relief when you’ve had a bad day or he’s a little too rough, write in and let me know, because I can’t think of one. I’d still advise going to slow, no one wants to get bloody. Best that can happen: you both end up liking it. Worst that can happen: your boyfriend gets himself a boyfriend. Worth the risk if you ask me ladies.

I felt like I had descended into a bizarre, online version of Cosmo or something. WTF?

Then I's meant as a parody of stupid women's magazines.

Still wins my stupid award of the day...because unfortunately some women actually think this way.

Happy Pegging,

Ruby Ryder

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