Masturbation May!!!

May, dear readers, is Masturbation Month!!

(Seriously - I did not make this up. Look here, here and here. Although - it would be a fine thing to make up...)

For the rest of this month I am going to masturbate very frequently, with updates here on the blog. Some of the updates will be really explicit...where my fingers and toys were, what was going through my mind, just how juicy I was...all that and more.

To start off...

Last night I had my Lelo "Liv" inside me, pushed up against my G-spot. The vibration was up as high as it goes and I chose an intermittent vibration pattern. My fingers were busy on my clit, waking up the whole area and resulting in waves of luscious pleasure.

My mind was on a muscular hunk of a man with an unbelievably round ass secured to a St. Andrew's cross, available for the taking. And take him I did...with a toy as large as he could manage. His cries of pleasure sent me over the top even as I imagined his cock shooting come all over the floor...


Although I got a bit of a late start for Masturbation Month 2011, I'm quite confident I can catch up.

I invite you readers to send in your masturbation exploits and adventures. Perhaps your fantasy material will fuel the fantasies of other readers. Before you know it pleasure will be increasing exponentially here in Paradise.


May is going to be a good month...

Ruby Ryder

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