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Google does some amazing things...like Google Trends. You can go to Google trends and put in search terms to see how often people are searching for...whatever you are interested in. I am encouraged by the results when I put in "pegging". There is a gradual but steady increase in the number of people searching for the word. And although there are probably people searching for information on currency pegging or tent pegging...or, heaven forbid, even jean pegging...I like to think the world is slowly but surely discovering the kind of pegging we are all interested in.


Google will even give you information about the places in the world where these people are, who are using this word in a search. For pegging, the top 10 results are all in the USA with one exception - Toronto, Canada. The number one city is Herndon, Virginia - you devils, you!


So then I searched for "strapon sex". Can't get much more explicit than that. Plus it eliminates combined results due to different definitions (except perhaps the obvious lesbian use of the word). Strapon sex is...nothing but strapon sex. The results? Only 5 of the top 10 positions were held by the USA, with the UK, Canada (Toronto again!), Australia and Turkey making a showing. But the number one position was Athens, Greece!


I have always wanted to visit Greece. I might have to kick it up to a higher priority after seeing those results. Number two was Dallas, Texas. Really? Well hot damn. I sure hope some of them are good-looking cowboys who are just waiting to slide down their jeans. Leave your boots on, guys. I love cowboy boots.


Here's the breakdown:

  1. Athens, Greece
  2. Dallas, TX, USA
  3. Atlanta, GA, USA
  4. Brentford, United Kingdom
  5. Chicago, IL, USA
  6. Sydney, Australia
  7. Toronto, Canada
  8. Los Angeles, CA, USA
  9. New York, NY, USA
  10. Istanbul, Turkey

At least I live fairly close to number 8...Los Angeles. Looks like teaching pegging classes there might go over very well!


Happy Pegging,

Ruby Ryder

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