Wanking Month Home Stretch



I received another entry in my contest! Definitely spiced up my night...

Also...a friend graced my mailbox with some very hot pictures of his dildo play and impressive cock. You know who you are....and Thank You, Sir!

Those two things were going through my mind last night when I finally tucked myself in bed after a long night of writing.  Well...those things and the story I was writing. They all combined to provide me with juicy masturbation material for my continued celebration of Masturbation Month.


The 2011 Masturbate-a-Thon happened on both May 21st and May 22nd at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. I was looking for news coverage, but I think it was a smaller and two day event this year because the center was moving into new (and smaller) digs.


The original intent of the Masturbate-a-Thon was to encourage people to talk about masturbation in a positive, non-shame-based way. Hallelujah! I absolutely, completely and irrevocably agree with that sentiment. The history behind its inception is here (thank you, Jocelyn Elders).

The event is a fund raiser for the center, and has been held since 1995. I do hope to attend one of these years. This year the advertising for it pulled in the Rapture (how could you not?) for comedic value.


A few jewels from their website that I chuckled over:

Arm(and Hand)-ageddon!

The end is coming! Are you?

We can all bring ourselves to rapture, whether or not

The Rapture is happening while we do it!

And no, I do not come from across the pond with the use of the word "wanking". As a writer, I just love the word. I wonder...in Britain does it have a negative connotation as well? I have often heard - "He's such a wanker!"


Happy Wanking, everyone. And if you want to win that free story membership, May 31st, midnight Pacific Standard time is the deadline for submissions.



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  1. I wrote you sometime ago about my wishes to take the plunge. It took sometime but I was able to easily barter with my significant other. As I have for many years lusting after my wife’s magnificent ass. I was able to offer up my fine ass for hers and it worked out perfect. As I received the best of both and she wasted no time collecting on the trade. My wife lubed that strap on like a pro and pounded me good. I can say that our bedroom has turned into a steam room as we regularly have great anal sex and explosive orgasms. I have to say that I never thought I would be able to take such a massive cock in the ass but wow does it feel good.

    1. Yes! This is exactly what I have recommended at times to the guys on reddit who complain about how their SO is not warming up to the idea of anal; offer her your ass in exchange for hers. Though it is normally tongue in cheek – I’m thrilled that it worked for you. Sounds like you two are having a lovely, hot time of it now!

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