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I am celebrating two things this May. First, Masturbation Month in all it's juiciness and swooning pleasure, which I have already talked about a fair amount...but really never can be talked about too much, don't you think?

I feel my participation is kind of mandatory. I owe it to Jocelyn Elders, a brave, savvy woman who was sadly mistreated by our uptight government for actually suggesting that sex ed classes should teach about masturbation to help discourage early sexual activity. She is a woman ahead of her time.


The other reason I am celebrating is...



Pegging Paradise is Officially

One Year Old !!!

What an amazing year it has been. Full of discoveries about myself and my body...full of hot and wonderfully nasty words like cock, cunt, dildo and ass (!)...full of  late night keyboard sessions on my latest erotica piece after which I fall into bed and "rub one out" as they say. (Do I have the best job or what?)

The Contest

Write a detailed description of a masturbatory session that you experience sometime in May and send it to me. Last day for submissions May 31, 2011.

Where to send it? At the bottom of every page there is a link that says "Write Ruby".

The best story will win a free membership to Pegging Paradise - the 9 inch level! And get posted here on the blog, of course...anonymously if you wish.


I'm looking for:

  • Sexy and arousing rather than crude or crass
  • Detailed descriptions using all the big words you want (we are an intelligent crowd here at Pegging Paradise)
  • Points for correct spelling and grammar
  • Tell me what you are doing, how it feels and what you are thinking
  • 1000 words or less please

Best of luck to you , both with the writing and the practicing for material to write about...!


Ruby Ryder


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