Credit Where Due

Dear readers, I give you...

D. Anderson from Toronto, Canada

A while ago I posted an amazing piece of art that had me mesmerized, reaching for my lady bits. Despite my best internet researching skills, I was unable to find the artist ("Daveed") until one of you fine readers found his work on another website.


I contacted him and asked permission to keep the art up as well as attaching the proper credit. He's a marvelous guy who has a day job and calls this his "naughty hobby".  When I inquired, Mr. Anderson (if this is the Pegging Matrix - I'm staying) was open to the idea of making this art available to you strap-on enthusiasts.  We are in communication about potentially offering High Definition downloads of his work here at Pegging Paradise!


As you may recall, I said that I needed his art framed, right next to my desk for...inspiration (...distraction?). Looks like that might happen! One of those be careful what you ask for things because if I have the art I will not be able to stop myself from hanging it next to my desk...and pray tell what will the cleaning lady think!?


For now, this is another one I particularly enjoy. (Oh, and if you click on the picture, it will be just like when you pay attention to a will get larger.)


Thank you, D. Anderson from Toronto Canada!

You are indeed a talented artist.

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