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Okay. I have already confessed my fascination with Google Analytics. It tells me so much about all of you lovely people...where you are from, how you found me, how many pages you looked at, how long you spent on my website, what browser you are using....I could go on!

So you know by now that I love to scroll down the list of search words to find the unusual and share my discoveries with you.

Tonight I tried something different. I had the list of search words up. Overwhelmingly, most people find me by using the phrase "pegging stories". This time I clicked on the heading Pages/Visit, which reordered the list so that the person who looked at the most pages during their visit was at the top.

Indeed. This person must have been enthralled with what they found because they viewed no less than 56 pages and spent about 70 minutes perusing my offerings.

So what were their search keywords?

"Christian Pegging". I kid you not.

Proving the theory correct that the conservative sexually repressed religious people are right there enjoying porn and kink like the rest of us. I just don't understand why he/she used those search words! I know of no evidence that God approves (or disapproves, for that matter) of pegging. I did write a bit about it a while back, as I recall...here. The search words that time were, "Does God promote strap-on sex?"


To which the answer is obviously yes. She loves it.


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  1. Hey Vickie – Oh my gosh that was a great read!!!! And pretty twisted, as I read deeper into the website….wow. Thanks for the entertaining link…and for visiting, too. (Vickie writes her own pegging/sex blog, everyone – you should check it out – just click on her name.)

  2. Just because that’s the key phrase, doesn’t mean they are looking for pornography. I, myself, love pegging with my wife, but that’s about it. Pornography can become an addiction, among other things, so we avoid it. However, we see that enjoying the fullness of sex within a good marriage isn’t a bad thing. In fact, its one of the most wonderful and spiritual things a person can do, and it makes them one with their spouse. I’m sure a lot of those people are just looking for the same thing, not all of them, but a lot. I wouldn’t jump to conclusion so fast. And I believe He does approve : )

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Mister. And if you were the one who enjoyed my site for so long I hope I did not offend.
      Technically….I write pornography. Because the definition on Wikipedia states: “Pornography or porn is the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction.” And that’s why I write my stories – to arouse and titillate. Of course there is a lot of informational material here as well, so the line blurs. Yes, porn can be addictive…so can sugar and coffee and alcohol and exercise and masturbating and eating. There is no inherent physically addictive quality in porn like nicotine in cigarettes, however.

      “…we see that enjoying the fullness of sex within a good marriage isn’t a bad thing. In fact, its one of the most wonderful and spiritual things a person can do, and it makes them one with their spouse.”

      I agree with you 100% (though my own personal beliefs would change “within a good marriage” to “between consenting adults”.

      I like the way you seem to view pegging as more normal and not really kinky. (Warning – sweeping generalization coming) I do think it is more unusual for Christians to indulge in pegging than people who are not followers of any organized religion (though they may indeed believe in God), mostly because of the less-than-open and constricted manner in which sexuality is dealt with in most organized religions. There seems to be a wide variance, from sex only for procreation to do what you want but don’t talk about it, don’t let anyone hear you and pretend like it’s not happening. And the interpretation of what is or isn’t okay is often not specified, and thus up to the interpretation of each individual priest or head of the church as to what was meant in the bible. That’s where all the variance comes from, I believe… The overall feeling I get from organized religion about sexuality is one of needing permission. And I reject that firmly. I believe whatever two consenting adults do in private is perfectly fine and no one needs to give them permission.

      Besides, I imagine few Christians are brave enough to go ask their priest if each sexual act they decide to explore is okay. What about toys? What about bondage? What about spanking? What about pantyhose? Anal sex? Talking dirty? Because none of those show up in the bible.You get my drift.

      If the sexual acts you are engaging in are for pleasure, why wouldn’t God approve? I do prefer to think that God is a she, myself. I can’t picture her anywhere but in the driver’s seat.

      Happy Pegging to you and your wife!

  3. Ruby-

    I’ve recently happened upon pegging in general and your sites specifically as a result of my investigations.

    Let me first say that I LOVE your work. All of it. Amazing. Even the parts that don’t particularly appeal to me (i.e. sucking on the dildo) are so artfully done, and fit so well with the rest of the piece that I still enjoy reading it.

    I ran across this older post via your post on Delilah Wood. (don’t ask me how). And even though it’s a little over a month old, I thought I’d throw in my two cents.

    To give you some background, my dad is a minister in a well-known Christian denomination and has been for over 35 years. That being said, I was always told “love your neighbor” and “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” No matter what else I have learned about the bible, or Christianity in general, I have clung to those two tenets. Even if something is “wrong” in God’s eyes, I don’t see through God’s eyes, I don’t think with God’s intellect, I definitely don’t speak with God’s mouth, so it’s not for me to say what other people should or shouldn’t do. All other arguments are moot. I’ll ask God for the answers when I’m standing in front of Her/Him.

    I would argue that if people aren’t personally comfortable with a sexual act, they have every right to say “I don’t like that” and walk away. It’s not okay to judge and/or condemn others for doing what makes them happy, whether it be sexual or not. The caveat here of course, is so long as no one else is harmed by that happiness – unless they specifically ask for it. 😉 But that’s another kink for another time…

    I guess when it’s all said and done, God loves us all, and wants all of us to love each other, whether we identify as Christian, or any other flavor of faith (I hesitate to use the word “religion”).

    Pegging (and any other sex act) for me, comes down to what two consenting adults do to share their love for each other, whatever shape that love may take. All others can stick it! (pun intended)

    Thanks Ruby, For all you do to spread love and understanding around the world.

    With great admiration,


    1. KungPowP3nis (love the name)
      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment…I’m actually going to put this on the front page on my blog because I so appreciate and identify with your viewpoint. I can’t say I ever anticipated having Christians on my pegging website, especially not leaving comments. I am probably guilty of my own form of stereotyping when it comes to Christians. Which is why I’m so glad that you took the time to write…because you and I think just about exactly alike regarding the intersection of sexuality and spirituality (I, too, hesitate to call it “religion”). I love being able to say that! So I welcome any and all folks who identify as Christians to Pegging Paradise, and offer an apology for generalizing…assuming…or stereotyping you if I have done so in the past. If you are here, reading and enjoying what I offer…I am happy to have you!

      Thanks for the wakeup, KPP. I am grateful to you. Truth be told, you had me at “…when I’m standing in front of Her/Him.”


  4. See my wife and I are Christian as well and do believe that whatever we do in our bedroom is right because it is sharing our love for each other. I will be honest in saying that our ultimate fantasy of inviting a bisexual good looking respectful man into our bedroom to play with us is being held up based on our beliefs. Will we get over that hold up? Not too sure. Only time will tell, but I do like to believe in the consenting for each other’s pleasure theory. Maybe one day me and one of the good looking men you have in pictures on here can put on a good show for my wife that I know she would thoroughly enjoy.

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