Rant x 2

If you are here at Pegging Paradise I assume you are somewhat familiar, or perhaps curious about, anal sex. Perhaps you have been a receiver and a giver, perhaps only a giver or only a receiver. Your gender doesn't really matter. I mean, it does when we are talking about pegging...because pegging is defined as "a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man’s anus with a strap-on dildo."  But this subject concerns basic anal sex in either direction, okay?

First Rant. Pegging, by definition, is heterosexual! I came across a tumbler blog that had the word pegging in the title and after scrolling through the first 5 pages of pictures, I saw nary a photo of pegging. Lots of women taking unnaturally large cocks up their asses (sometimes two)...lots of women giving head to unnaturally large cocks...and lots of "model perfect" bodies with their ribs showing underneath the fake tits. But not one picture showed a man taking it in the ass from a woman wearing a strap-on...or even just a woman wearing a strap-on!  People, please!  Correct word usage is important in the kink world...

NewRyder has it straight...check out his beautiful photos and gritty, intense writing. He uses the word strap-on primarily, and I try to sneak "pegging" in there as often as possible. But he  gets it. Love you, Ryder!

Second Rant. I am so fucking tired of hearing men say that saliva is a perfectly good lube for anal sex with their woman. Bull. Fucking. Shit. Okay..there are of course women out there who enjoy a bit of pain with their anal sex, or have men who have copious pre-cum that takes the place of lube. But for the vast majority of us who enjoy anal (either gender), lube is fucking essential! I especially have a problem with guys purporting that saliva is "just fine" for anal with their woman when they have never received anal themselves. Guys, if you have not had a woman behind you with a strap-on the size of your cock and she spit on it and fucked you with it with no other lubrication that her saliva...your opinion is really not worth hearing. The woman you are fucking up the ass with nothing more than saliva...that's who I want to hear from.  And if there are women reading this blog who fit into that category, please tell us...how does it feel when your guy fucks you up the ass with just saliva versus using lube? Do tell!

Personally I wouldn't even entertain the thought of letting a guy (no matter the size of his cock) near my ass without lube. I also wouldn't consider fucking any guy up the ass with any of my toys without lube. Personally, I think guys have been watching too much porn and they think that lube works just fine...they don't see the muscle relaxers that women take so that they can take huge cocks up their ass, and they don't see the copious amounts of lube used so that when the cameras are rolling, the guy with the huge cock can spit on her ass and pretend like it is enough lubrication. That is a fantasy rarely able to be duplicated in the real world.

As always...there are exceptions. I know there are some of you out there who enjoy no lube or just saliva. But please do not presume your experience can be easily duplicated throughout the anal sex community. It very rarely is.

To recap:

Lube Rocks.

Pegging is HETEROSEXUAL!!!


Happy Pegging and have a great weekend!

Ruby Ryder


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  1. Folks, the next time you watch a video with anal sex, LOOK at the guy’s dick after he inserts it, but then pulls it out. If it comes out all shiny and wet, then my bet is that the woman has been pre-lubed with water-based lube. Else the guy rubbed some silicone lube on his dick while the camera was pointed elsewhere. No, I’m not in the industry. But I’ve watched a lot of video.

  2. Hi Ruby
    Excellent rant! (I am smiling broadly)
    And yes, anal sex without lube crosses the line into either stupidity or abuse. Either way, an otherwise wonderful activity is reduced to something you could only hope to survive.
    And yes – you are of course correct. Pegging is a heterosexual act. I use “strap-on”, much of the time because I am making at least some attempt to be gender neutral. I have readers that are queer, genderqueer and heterosexual (and every other gender identification) and I like to think that anyone could read my posts and stories and *possibly* identify – sometimes.
    Thanks Ruby –
    You know I love you too.

  3. Well said, as usual, Ruby! Just today I came across a tumblr supposedly dedicated to pegging, and found not two, but four images back to back including anal sex, and nary a woman, or a strap-on in sight. To make matters worse, in two of the photos, the guys in the shots were using spit as lube. One couldn’t have asked for a more perfect illustration of your rants. Thank you for your dedication and your passion.

  4. @TomTourniquet – good point about the pre-lubing practices in porn.
    @NewRyder – you do have the strap-on niche covered, and sometimes include lovely photos of women engaged in strap-on play!
    @Vickie P. – Thanks Vickie, so nice to have such affirmation!
    @KPP – I wrote the owner of the blog I was talking about and didn’t receive a reply of course…but once you establish a tumbler blog and get a following I imagine it’s hard to change the name, even if it’s a misnomer.

    @all – the reason I wrote about the lube is because I got into a discussion about lube vs. saliva on the forum boards at reddit/sex. This guy kept saying it worked just fine and the girls didn’t complain. But he’d never had more than a finger in his own ass, and I imagine not with the repeated thrusting that ensues when fucking… *rolls eyes*

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