Sex Toys For Men

First I want to know.

Would you...

Put your cock in this?

Hyper Robo Section Sex Machine


Inquiring minds want to know...


Watch what it does!

Looks (and sounds) a little like a food processor. If I had a (real) cock I think it would scare the shit out of me.

What people will create in search of pleasure never fails to amaze me!


In case you have been hiding under a rock for a while, or perhaps you just hadn't thought about it, here is the double standard regarding sex toys. Women who masturbate with sex toys are seen as liberated and sexy. Men who masturbate with sex toys are seen as pitiful and unable to find a woman. Well here's a toy that might turn that around.  Until now, the "Fleshlight" has gotten a lot of press. Whoever designed the exterior and thought up the name of the Fleshlight? Just fire them now. To me it epitomizes all the bad sex toys; cheesy name, lurid design, questionable material.

But check these lovelies out! Tenga is rockin'!

Tenga 3D
Tenga 3D


How's that for a beautiful sex toy for men? I can't wait to hear a review of this toy, which appears to be the latest thing Tenga is releasing (has released) - difficult to find online.

Update: Not anymore!

Gorgeous...classy...functional. Finally! You men are coming into your own with your sex toys. I am cheering you on.


3 Responses

  1. As long as it’s dishwasher safe! j/k

    It does look like someone re-tooled (pardon the pun) a magic bullet blender, though.

    I agree with you on the stigma regarding men’s sex toys.


  2. Im thinking no on the robo suction. My honest reaction Ruby was to laugh at it. Im sorry but men “will” break that thing or themselves trying. Its like you have said no one regulates these things. Worse products have been made im sure.

    The cool textured toys are different, but im not sure I would own one to use. It looks like erotic art you would have in your bedroom (not that I think it wouldn’t feel good. Seems more for the “connoisseur” of toy owners.

  3. @KPP – I don’t think this one is dishwasher safe, unfortunately. That’s just a guess on my part, though. Somewhere I read that it’s good for at least 50 uses. But this is all speculation because Tenga doesn’t even have it completely up on their site yet. We will see.

    @Brandon – I laughed, too! The noise that it makes (in the video) was horrendous. The Tenga toys are indeed like pieces of art and that what makes them so cool, partly. Like a gorgeous glass dildo or the steel Njoy products; something you can leave out and people will think it’s art.

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