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This may be old news to some...but I just came across it on the internet.

Rape is a horrible, violent crime. It's one of those things we would all make disappear if we had a magic wand.

In some parts of the world, the incidence of rape is staggeringly in South Africa. They have the highest rape rate in the world. In fact, one in every four men surveyed in South Africa admitted to having sexually assaulted a woman. It is estimated that 16% of the population are infected with HIV, which is obviously spread by rape.

One woman has decided to try and change that. Some people disagree with her methods...


This is a condom-like device that is inserted into the vagina by a woman who thinks she may be assaulted. When the man pushes his penis into her, the condom traps his penis with the small sharp teeth that will not let the man remove the condom without injury to his penis; it must be surgically removed. Oh - did I mention he will be writhing in pain, too? And unable to walk or urinate? Likely unable to inflict further violence upon the woman. And guaranteed to be apprehended.

There's a lot of controversy about these devices. They have been called (usually by the men) medieval, irresponsible, idiotic, torture devices. Other people (usually the women) quickly embrace the poetic justice aspect and point out that no harm occurs if a man keeps his dick in his pants where it belongs. The inventor, Dr. Sonette Ehlers, said "I consulted engineers, gynecologists and psychologists to help in the design and make sure it was safe." She distributed 30,000 of them free at the World Cup in 2010.

The idea came to her when she was attending to a rape victim who said, "“If only I had teeth down there.”

I wonder how that distribution at the World Cup went and whether the incidence of rape decreased in South Africa as a result? Isolated stories of trapped penises? Not finding further information on the internet, I wrote Dr. Ehlers for more information and hope she will respond. Personally - I like the idea.


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  1. I think those should be handed out to little girls whose daddies go into their rooms at night, and do things other than read them a story. Explain that to CPS.

  2. My sister objected to these on the idea that they could be used wrongly (pissed off at an unfaithful spouse). But I pointed out…so can guns and knives and explosives and many other things.

    The potential for mis-use weighed against the benefit for women who may have no choice for survival but to travel through dangerous areas to work/eat where the incidence of rape is astronomical…I side with the women who will have a way of protecting themselves.

    I searched a bit more and found mention in one article that the condom had never been actually tested on a man. I know a few masochists that might volunteer…..!

  3. I think these are a great idea, and every girl should be given one….. if they don’t want to use it they don’t have to but they should atleast have it if they want it.

      1. Actually I think girls should be able to get them without guys knowing that way when they tried it there caught and should have to live with it stuck on them for the rest of there life it surves them right for what they tried to do but if they know about it they can avoid it so lets give them out without guys knowing

  4. In reality, this device will not work in most cases. Women are raped because men overpower them against their will. This device DOES NOT remove the ability of the male to overpower the female, but in fact will only enrage him and cause him to further use his greater physical power to do even further damage to the female. What will most likely happen is even further physical assault upon the female up to and including death in many cases. God may have created male and female, but Sam Colt made them equal……maybe. The weaker has to possess the power (and more importantly the WILL to use that power) to destroy the stronger if they expect to survive the attack of the stronger. This device DOES NOT reduce the power of the male over the female in a rape assault, and the male was in an attack mode to begin with, which will only be aggravated by the use of this device in most cases. This Rape Ax will not be a successful device because the inventor does not understand the mind of the psychopath. Psychopaths are only controlled by the thought that they will certainly be stopped and possibly destroyed as a result of their actions. Thankfully, in my state, females have the right of concealed carry of firearms and we DO have a VERY low rape rate compared to the rest of the world. Rape of females who possess concealed carry firearms is virtually nonexistent. All males know that any noncriminal female of legal age possesses that legal right. Sam Colt got it right. Dr. Ehlers needs to go back to the drawing board and invent a device that OVERPOWERS the attacker rather than merely causing pain and nonlethal bleeding.

    1. Interesting opinion. My thought was that the pain in their cock would be enough to disable and discourage them. Pain often does that. I imagine it would be even more likely to in such a sensitive area of the body. This is perhaps not the best solution, but neither is a gun, in my opinion.

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