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This is a powerful piece of poetry sent to me by KPP. He was inspired by my post "An Evil Idea" and thought this piece dovetailed nicely with it. I absolutely agree. He kindly consented for me to post it. Thanks, KPP.

Progasm - a slang term coined to mean the orgasm achieved with stimulation of the prostate. Also the name of a toy made by Aneros for solo prostate stimulation.

(Photography credits go to Vlad Gansovsky - not the first time we have seen his work!)


The Edge of Progasm



So full.

You stretch me.

I fight with myself to relax,

To accept you as you enter,

As you fill me up.


You push,

I gasp.

You pull,

I breathe out.

You control my breathing with your hips,

Your thrusts.


You push your breasts against my back,

Wrap one hand around my throat,

And run your nails down my chest, my stomach,

Stopping just short of my root,

You leave me aching for that last millimeter,

That completion of your intent,

The fulfillment of the promise of your touch,

You deny me.


You refuse to touch,

The only part of me that matters in this moment.

The tension rises, and still, that promise is empty.


You pull back, removing the comfort of your warmth,

Your heat,

Absent now, but for your strapon,

Lancing through my core.


Lines of fire slowly race up my back,

Your hand in my hair,

Pushing me down hard,

Pulling my neck back,

Arching just this side of pain,

Riding that line, while you ride me.


You shift, and hit That Spot.

Something inside me opens,

It pours out of some place,

That has never existed before this moment.


Heat fills me from my toes up,

Rushing, filling, tingling up my legs,

My Thighs, my Ass.


It centers on That Spot,

That Glorious Spot, hidden for so long.


Heat Grows, surges, sloshes inside me,

Like some treasured, heated Brandy.


I shake as you take your pleasure from my ass,

Fast and faster you ride me.


Your pleasure surges down over me,

Adding to the heat of this moment.


I’m there. So Close to that Edge,

Gasping, begging, crying your name,

Crying for release, for that little bit that will send me,

Screaming over that edge,

Shooting, falling, Soaring, Flying,

To another place; another existence,

If only for a few precious, breathless heartbeats.


But you relent.

You slow, you smooth my scored skin with your hands,

As you slip out of me.

You kiss one ass cheek,

Then the other.


You slap my ass, HARD,

wish me good night, and leave me to ache in my dreams,

on The Edge of Progasm.



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