Day #11 Orgasm #11


Digression about Toys...

Some days I like toys and some days I don't. If I want to save are awesome. But the orgasm I have from toys doesn't really compare to ones I have from my own hand. My hand seduces my clit...whispers sweet nothings to it that go along with the fantasies going through my head. My fingers tease and play and build the passion slowly. The Hitachi is like the Goddess of Sex waving her scepter at me and commanding..."You will come!" The resulting orgasm peaks sharp and tinny and ends fast, too. Don't get me wrong - all orgasms are good, but the quick ones from toys are the least satisfying.

Therefore I find it funny that about a month ago I owned 2 Hitachis. Now I own none.

One of them was an older model that was working quite well. Then a girlfriend bought a new one and it was too intense for her. So I bought it from her...including a cool attachment it came with. I also learned a new word. While we were chatting online and doing the deal, she asked it I would be "squicked" out by the attachment if she cleaned it with alcohol. I said no problem and filed away that new word for future use.

When the new Hitachi arrived it was lovely and quieter and got a lot of use.

One problem. The cord is too freakin' short. Rather than do the smart thing and get an extension cord I just kept pulling on it until one night I turned it on and was treated to a minor electrical explosion as the wires touched. Yikes. Threw it away. That was at the end of April; phenomenally bad timing, considering I had major plans for Masturbation Month.

So I pulled out the trusty old model and still didn't get an extension cord. I think there is a way that when I'm turned on I don't think as clearly - like the joke about men thinking with their "little head". Same here.

And...exactly the same thing happened, with less explosion - but it did blow the cord right out of the vibrator. Yikes again. I just wanted to have an orgasm - not get electrocuted. I wasn't looking for that much of a "charge". Ha ha.


So last night my hand had the privilege of coaxing an orgasm out of me. It was really lovely. Many of you responded to the fantasy of getting fucked by a man while going down on a added things, elaborated a bit and acknowledged that it turned you on. That was really hot to hear...and it fueled more pleasure for me.

This time Bob was on top and hard inside me, filling me up perfectly, kissing me deeply. Alex came up behind him and first stuck his tongue as far into Bob's ass as he could, and fucked him with it for a while. I could feel Bob's cock pulsing with excitement inside me and he was moaning through our kisses. After a while Alex entered him with that thick cock of his. Bob relaxed on top of me as Alex fucked him to a delicious orgasm. I felt every thrust. I watched Alex swoon at the pleasure of being in Bob's ass until he emptied himself deep in Bob's ass. It was a glorious, highly inspirational fantasy.

I think I need to write a story with Bob and Alex...

Ruby ♥



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