Day #17 Orgasm #17


I'm not gonna lie...I fell asleep masturbating last night. Not because of all this solitary fornication-like frolicking. I just need to get a little more sleep...

So I woke up with my fingers still on my pussy and realized what had happened.

I want you to know I take this commitment seriously! Keeping that in mind, I resolved to begin again, never looking at the clock or caring about the time. I figured if it wasn't dawn I was good.

What compelling fantasy pulled me out of half-sleep and back into the self-serve deli of fapping delight?

The story I was working on! Sometimes when I write stories, I am exploring my own sexuality. I envision a scene,  put the elements in it that turn me on and then marvel at how much I would really like to do that. Not every time. Sometimes I have already done the things I write about. Sometimes my readers tell me things they've done and it sparks a story.

This story was about female dominance.

There are many ways to be dominant. The dominance I aspire to is a power exchange. I want it to feel sensual,  compelling, a bit unsettling and completely hot. I want the man I am with to tremble when we kiss and want...whatever pleases me. I want him to be willing to experience the heady mix of pain and pleasure for me.

And in this story? Wow. Claire does that to Lionel. Big time. In a rather public place!

I squirm when I write sometimes....I love my job.

I will leave you with two masturbation synonyms:

getting to know yourself

fucking without complications


Happy fapping!

Ruby Ryder ♥


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