Day #28 Orgasm #30


Definitely the home stretch here...I'm getting competitive (with myself) and wanting to end up with a much higher number of  orgasms than days....but without a Hitachi it's a little late for that!

Someone asked me yesterday what I enjoy the most about my writing.

What I enjoy most is the idea that the words I choose to put down in a certain order with a certain style actually have the power to turn someone on. That's a heady feeling.

It really is a heady feeling. Like my words create these paths of mojo that connect up with you readers...and the thoughts that turn me on turn you on too and we all create this spider web of lust.

I believe the world is a little bit happier because of all that. You are in a better mood after pleasuring yourself because of my words. I am happy because my words turn you on and turn me on, too. We walk around in the world smiling at people and then smiling even more because they would likely be shocked to know why we are smiling. We stand in line at the grocery store thinking about words like fapping and wanking and the particular curve of a gorgeous body from the photo on last night's post.

And if you are like are inspired by a well-formed ass and wonder what that man would think of feeling something slide inside him to produce thrills he never dreamed he could have. Oh - well, that would be you women readers. For the see a swaying pair of feminine hips and wonder how she would look wearing a strap-on and what her rhythm might be like if she fucked you...right?

Damn. I like May.

Last night I was fantasizing about a man who led me on a bit of a wild goose chase last year. A story I posted really inspired him; he'd always dreamt of giving up control and being pegged. He is a total man's man. Always in control. His profession requires it. We exchanged many emails and a few photos. He's a handsome hunk of a man. He inspired two of my stories. We were planning to meet. And then he disappeared.'s the internet. Shit happens. But I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to introducing him to the thrills of what he had been fantasizing about for so long. That juxtaposition of total testosterone with the realization and admission that he really wanted to be taken and fucked until he was shaking in my arms...damn, that was like crack for me. out old emails I came across our correspondence. I shot him a quick message to thank him for the inspiration for the stories and wished him well. He wrote back! His letter was apologetic and sheepish in tone. The big muscular hunk of a guy is...married. I know some of you saw that coming. I didn't. He was a master at dissembling. As things heated up between us he realized it was not the right thing to do and couldn't find a way to tell me the truth, thinking it would be better if he just disappeared. I advised him to take his longings to his wife and be honest with her. Either she will strap-on to the occasion or she will make it quite clear that they are not sexually compatible. But looking to satisfy those yearnings outside of the marriage without even telling her about them...perfect recipe for disaster...perfect way to begin closing your heart down to your partner.

He and I don't talk anymore - it isn't appropriate.  I hope he's opened up to his wife and they are enjoying some of the hottest sex since they got married. And I hope that first experience was everything he dreamed it would be. So much so that he took her to the shooting range with him after they were done...just to reassure himself he was still a man's man.

While my fingers played, I was picturing that very moment of penetration and the look on his face...his eventual peak of passion...the sounds he made...holding him in my arms.



Ruby Ryder


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  1. Ruby –

    I have always been, and remain, humbled and honored by how much of yourself that you share with us. Since finding your site, I have found myself less inhibited in who I share my proclivities with. I don’t shout it for ALL to hear, but I don’t keep it a total secret for me and my wife only, either. I don’t think that I would have come (no pun intended) this far, had you never decided to share your sex-positive views with us.

    In a world where “sex”, and “kink” have been twisted into a huge pile of degradation and humiliation, you have created a safe haven for people who just want to have fun having sex without having to be a “bitch-boy” or any of the other awful names/terms that seem to get thrown around whenever strap-on meets ass.

    You continue to impress. Thank you for being blunt and honest and respectful all at the same time.


    1. Wow KPP…I think I have to put this on my front page. Mostly because it’s comments like this that make it all worth it. Worth it to do what I do.

      Thanks very much.

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