The Lines Blur…



Masturbation Month has been filled with pleasure for me, in so many ways! Thank you dear readers, for enjoying the glimpse inside the masturbation fantasies of a writer of erotica, for sharing your own glimpses and getting into the spirit.

As you may have noticed, I draw my inspiration from many places. Sometimes a completely innocent non-sexual conversation either held in person or perhaps overheard can spark a train of thought that ends up as a story, or as wank fodder. Sometimes both! Other times I will have a scenario running through my head, have an awesome orgasm and lay there thinking...I need to write that down - it would make a story hot enough to take the paint off a car!

So the blurring of lines occurred this way...

I have held boundaries with people who write me with vivid descriptions of their activities or fantasies because I'm not here to chat with you so you can jerk off. I draw that line regularly, or I would be chatting all day. There are grey areas and sometimes I'll let an explicit message slide because it is so well written and not crude. So last night I received this:

I don't want to write much right now, as I'm near my 'peak', lol.

Unless you want to know, lol.

I finally had ass play last night. Didn't have any jn the past couple of months. Truth be told, I accidentally spilled a bit too much lube on my ass last night. Guess the saying goes, you can never have too much lube. I never had enjoyed anal with my fingers so much in my life! The additional lube made first one finger, then 2 fingers feel unbelievably good and sexy!

What do you think?

At first I thought oh geez, wank fodder deluxe! And right on the heels of that I remembered it is Masturbation Month. And well, I actually asked you all to tell me what gets you off, what you think about while you are fapping, even how you fap. So I had to laugh.

Here's the difference...sharing explicit information with me in a private message has that OOooo, me and Ruby feel to it. So be advised that I will feel quite free to put anything you send up on my blog unless I promise otherwise. And likely I might not even respond.

We've had such fun this month with the whole masturbation thing. The talk has been quite explicit. I like it that way, but I'd rather you post it publicly than send it to me privately, please. I will not be your wank off chat buddy!


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