Day #7 Orgasm #7


There is something that is just so damn sexy about grabbing a man's cock through his jeans. I know men who have told me they love it when a woman is bold enough to grab their cock. I find it hard to keep my hands off of it, personally. Cocks are magic...they grow and change and throb. I find a cock fascinating enough to want to play with it just to see what I can make it do.

And speaking of seeing what I can make it do...throwing ass play into the usual mix of things one can do with a cock can change things dramatically. I love to see how a man's cock reacts to the first few times he allows a woman to fuck him. They are all so different! And sometimes there is indeed that magic spot in a man's ass that can send him to the moon with pleasure, no matter whether his cock is hard or not.

Last night, what sent me over the edge into orgasmic bliss? I was thinking about Hot Guy, and how intensely erotic it was to alternate fucking him and warming his ass with a riding crop. Pretty fucking hot.


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  1. When you said “warming his ass” I was hoping it was with a curling iron. I know I sure liked it when I got one. She preheated me!

  2. When I was about 8 years old a neighborhood girl who was about 12 made me pull my pants down and she shoved a pencil up my butt. She said it would go into my penis and make it hard like when she did Louis ( another kid my age). It didn’t. For about 2 years whenever we were alone I got shoved. If it went far up I was “a good boy” and if I couldn’t let it in I got spanked and was “bad”. I had no idea what sex was or that I was being molested, I thought of it as unusual bullying. But when I started masturbating I couldn’t help shoving something up my butt to stimulate the back or the base of my penis. Once I had an orgasm when nothing was touching my penis, only in and out of the hole and slapping the space between there and the balls. It was a completely different orgasm therefore wonderful. I have a lot more – answer me!

    1. I just had a conversation with a friend of mine today about how maybe the sexual experiences we have as kids color our desires as adults. Yours seems to have a direct connection, indeed. Not all the connections are that obvious and some don’t seem to relate at all. Like spanking for me…I was spanked maybe twice when I was a kid – both unpleasant and not at all erotic in the least. Yet I recall watching a cartoon where a character gets spanked and I felt absolutely turned on enough to grab my crotch and squirm. Where did that come from? Who knows. Perhaps I am just hard-wired for (giving) spankings.

  3. As is the same with me. I never got spanked but I remember watching Dumbo as a young lad and never forgetting the scene where mama elephant spanks the boy with her trunk. I must be hard wired for (giving and getting) spankings. But there’s always something just slightly hotter to me in being submissive than dominant…

    1. That part is fascinating to me as well…what factors influence the preference of dominance or submission? Is it more of a personality thing or also possibly due to a childhood experience?

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