Be honest and open with your partner about your desires, fantasies and frustrations. That level of communication will deepen and enrich your relationship. Plus...any time they want to really turn your crank they will know exactly how to do it...



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  1. Short, sweet and to the point – I am getting there but it is such a leap especially after 20 years of marriage. Maybe it is now time – I think I will feel free no matter her response.

    1. I know of several couples who have experienced an entirely new period of sexual exploration and resurgence of sexual excitement because of pegging – after being married 20+ years!

      Just take care how you tell her – read the “Convincing Your Partner” post first.

      When I hit 50, I said to myself…if not now, when? It was an easier decision to explore pegging for me because I did not have a regular partner – much less have 20+ years invested. But still – perhaps the question might be appropriate for you, too – If not now…when?

      I wish you courage and success.

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