Podcast #1 Q&A


Pegging Paradise Q&A Podcast #1

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♥ Now that they have started pegging, how does a man get his partner to take the reins and embrace a bit of dominance?

♥ What harnesses are best for a double-ended dildo - this couple has their feeldoe but not the harness yet. (I love that they bought the dildo before the harness...nice.) And she likes to look good...

♥ A general question about where the harness should sit on a woman - how should it fit?

♥ Another reader wonders what my pegging beginnings were like.

Send your questions for next week to ruby@peggingparadise.com

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  1. Haven’t gotten to this stage yet Ruby. Not sure about the dominance but for me. If she loves it and is still sensual about it all, then I’m happy to see her enjoy her fantasies…

    1. Dominance isn’t for everyone, but for some it’s quite exciting. And there are so many ways to do dominance that don’t even slightly resemble the dominance portrayed on pegging porn (in case that’s where your mind went…)

  2. You’re right Ruby, pegging porn is what I’m referring to. Going where someone gets bruises or cuts is not a turn on for me. I’m more than happy if she wants, that I get into doggystyle or head down and ass up, as long as its sensual and erotic. Mild role play like with handcuffs or mild spanking is nice as well.

    1. I thought that’s where you went. Pegging porn is extreme and not real. It lacks intimacy and usually involves humiliation and degradation.

      Dominance can mean just being tied up and pegged. It can mean you need to ask before she will let you come. It can mean doing exactly what she tells you to; she’s running the show. She can ask you to stroke yourself while she watches (toy inside you or hand on your cock).

      Impact play can intensify what you feel when done correctly. It’s not all about pain – it’s about heightening sensations. And it’s not for everyone. I love to give it but am not so keen on receiving it. Impact play can be highly erotic.

      There is so much rich gray area between bruises and cuts…and sensual erotic domination, in my opinion. There is a fair amount of it in my stories, actually. And my life!

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