Photo Funny Business

stolen by someone...found here:

Not sure who did the modification.

Colored sepia. Cropped to remove the watermark that identifies it.

Taken from this...


Not nice to do with photos, people...Please give accurate credits for photos and note if you change them.

I do like the sepia one better - it lends a bit of an amateur flavor to it by keeping the subjects anonymous. Hot!


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  1. Hi Ruby-
    Exactly right. My feeling is this – there is an entire production crew from makeup artists, to actor/models that go into the making of porn and erotica. They do an amazing job of pushing our buttons and fueling our libidos.
    Why would we not credit them? Why strip the credit.
    To be sure, I have posted unaccredited work. And I have edited stock that I found on the 3W. But I try to credit what I can – even if I modify it.
    I guess I look at re-edits like fan-fic. If you are going to engage in re-edits – credit the source. It’s only fair.

    Hey! Thanks for being such and awesome lady Ruby.
    Do me a favor? Next to you are topping some lucky man – think of me (he’ll never know).

    1. Out of curiousity…is topping the common term used for the woman during pegging? I heard ruby define it as running the fuck. I’ve just thought it means a woman fucking me, dominating me (although domination generally includes additional flavors).

      1. hi-
        I think any one person could argue the etymology of the term – topping. I believe that in the gay world, a man might either be a Top or a Bottom. I (smiling) consider myself to be an ass bottom and I like to be Topped by a woman. And Ruby is welcome to, run the fuck, anytime. That is marvelous phrase because it suggests giving up control – which for me, is the core of submission – not humiliation or degradation.

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