Podcast #10

That afternoon I was so cross, I wanted you bent before me, hard and aching, groaning with embarrassment and pleasure while I fucked your ass. Ass fucking in anger? Not a responsible activity in reality, but…soothing to my imagination.

Pegging Paradise Podcast #10

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♥  Ruby's educational monologue/rant about toxic sex toys. Pass the information on, please!

♥ His ex had no problem orgasming during pegging but his wife - not so much. To complicate matters, putting on the equipment takes time and seems to kill the mood. What to do? He's feeling some guilt that their pegging seems one-sided in the pleasure department.

♥ She shares how it went down with her boyfriend. How sexting helped and how it took some time to adjust to the idea and to realize nothing was lacking in her.

♥ She shares about what got her to try pegging, not to be afraid of your desires and a great point about the sexual double standard against men that needs to be countered.

♥ Pygophilia returns. Who's going to get a T-Shirt "Pygophilist"?

♥ August membership sale…is on it's way out. Don't miss this one.


2 Responses

  1. With hundreds of blog posts… is it possible that the hottest thing to come out of your mouth has been “We don’t want government regulations nosing in our business?” 🙂

    Your toxic toy education campaign has been really eyeopening. I think a contributing cause in the pegging world could be folks who are “uncertain” are hesitant to make an investment until they know if they will like it or not.

    That’s just a myth, worth debunking 🙂

    1. I think you are right, sprezzatura, about people’s uncertainty and hesitancy to drop a chunk of change. Alas, the vast majority replace the beginners kits or cheap toys with something non-toxic, sturdier and usually bigger very soon after first trying out pegging. For those reading who are in the process of making that decision – the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor that you will love pegging. Spend the money. Buy once and buy quality.

      As far as government regulations…my panties are wet just talking about it. Especially when the ‘nosing’ part comes in…

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