Happy Hour

NJoy 2.0


"We're going to dinner soon." I murmur. You look up at me.

"I want you to wear your plug. The new one." You smile.

"Seriously?" I nod.

"To dinner?" I nod again.

You take the gleaming stainless steel plug out of its box. With a 2 inch diameter it looks huge. Undaunted, you spread a towel on the floor in front of me, knowing I want to watch. You have 2 dildos, increasing in size, and the plug. I watch with fascination while you work your way up to the plug, fucking yourself with the dildos first until your ass can accept something that large. Finally, in goes the plug and you moan with pleasure.

"Come here." You kneel at my feet, squirming a bit.

"Over my lap." Your eyes shine when you look at me, before you lay down over my knees.

"How many?" The hard wooden paddle in my hand rubs against your cheeks.

"Twenty-five, please." You wiggle a little on my lap. I grab the metal ring that anchors the plug and jiggle it a little. You gasp. Twenty-five measured strokes turn your ass red and hot. You whimper happily with the last five.

"Get dressed. Let's go." You slide off my lap and dress, moaning softly once in a while when I grab the ring and pull a bit. I discover I can pull it even through your pants. Your cock is a tight fit as you zip up. You'll have to walk behind me.

The restaurant is not busy. We're early for dinner; 4PM. They seat us in a booth and I immediately slip off my shoe and put my foot in your lap, resting it on your cock, keeping it hard.

The waiter comes over as we peruse the menus.

"Welcome to Happy Hour!" He announces as he walks up to our table.

You hesitate a moment and then reply.



©Ruby Ryder


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  1. Wait you forgot the part with the remote control vibrator! And how you’d turn it on when no one was looking and watch as I squirmed and moaned softly in my seat!!! Oh wait, that didn’t happen yet … 😛 tee hee!!!

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