Podcast #9

Pegging Paradise Podcast #9

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♥  Ruby's excited about her new microphone and hopes you are too…

♥ He's proposed getting pegged for his 40th birthday and she's considering the idea - he wants some non-BDSM porn to show her - help?

♥ One Strap vs Two? Usually two Ruby talks about the cool little device that turns a 2 strap harness into a device that can hold a dildo or butt plug for her.

♥ Lube with parabens! A reader is justifiably concerned about my choice of lube recommendation. Talk of parabens and glycerin and lubes, oh my!

♥ iTunes? Yes - anyone want to trade?

♥ Strapon Jo checked out my website and has a few suggestions...I'm flattered she took the time.

♥ More toxic toy talk

♥ Ruby's expecting a couple of new toys in the mail any day now...

♥ August membership sale….hot hot savings.


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