An Irresponsible Distance

The things I find on the internet...!


In response to a thread in which a man said his girlfriend wanted to do his ass with the dildo he bought her. He was unsure and soliciting advice.


Just try it, it's pretty decent. I can't orgasm from it, but if my penis is stimulated during it I get probably the best orgasm possible for a male. I literally shot cum nearly 10 feet(only a slight exaggeration) the first time, which is an irresponsible distance and hard to find and clean all of it.


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    1. Yes – you are a perfect example of the majority of men’s responses. Exactly how I describe it (based solely on the descriptions of men who have experienced prostate stimulation).

  1. My orgasms tend to be a lot thicker and come in longer streams, with a dildo or vibe back there. When the orgasm hits, generally prefer the dildo movement to go slower so I can focus on the orgasm more while still having my ass f***ed. Other times, I enjoy the penetration hard and fast right at the end…

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