Craigslist Strikes Again

Craig's list? Yep.

So how is it that I find people talking about pegging on Craig's list to begin with, you ask? I'm kinda geeky and have Google alerts for the word 'pegging'. Because anywhere that anyone is talking about the sexual kind of pegging I wanna know about it.

Not the memory kind of pegging or the pant leg type of pegging or the equestrian sport tent pegging or currency pegging. Occasionally there are even people talking about pegging out the laundry. So I do have to filter them out. But left over are porn downloads, articles, photos and just plain discussions about pegging. And every once in a while, a Craig's list ad.

Asking for pegging to begin with must be pretty scary for most men. I would think that advertising on Craig's list might be really nerve-rattling. I'm only hypothesizing here, but I think that before this gentleman posted his ad he had a bit to drink to soothe his nerves....


Lookking for a woman who has a stap on..who has used a strapn to peg..looking for a hottie! a real hottiw who is close to south dc/ faiilfax county. im real...u host..i will show..i have pic.. 6 foot3 215 6 cut and looiking for discrete nsa fun for about 6 wweeks while visiting.


What do you guys think?


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  1. Never! Too many potentials for a bad outcome. Craig’s list is far too risky for any number of interpersonal situations.

    I won’t even buy or sell basic stuff there. Flaky people tend to migrate to C’s list.

  2. sadly, this is probably one of the very few real ads in the CE section of craigslist (aside from most of the m4m section) these days. Craigslist used to be great but except for SF, LA, and NY, it’s been overrun by fakes & spammers. Or a spammer that’s a real person – just sitting somewhere in Vietnam, waiting to catch you so they can blast you with porn site URLs. All for “verification” of course. :/

    Free stuff gets ruined.. it’s so sad. :/

    1. Yes – free sites are always more vulnerable to trolls and spammers – like dating sites. As a woman I would never trust an ad for M4F or CE in Craigslist – I want more information about someone first. And even if that information is not real – I will at least have a picture of them when I meet them in a public place. Dating can be scary from a woman’s perspective.

  3. I’ve tried using Craigslist to find a pegging partner with no real success. Asking the beautiful girl I’ve been chatting with at the bar to fuck me with a plastic cock is a little more nerve rattling than putting sexual fantasies of being pegged into words in an internet ad. One mans opinion. Love the blog.

  4. Glad you are enjoying the blog! Ahhh – the girl at the bar scenario. Doomed to failure. Even if you just ask her to fuck, much less fuck you with a plastic cock. Finding a woman who is into pegging doesn’t mean she’s into pegging the guy that’s asking, either. A conundrum.

  5. I discovered CL about a month ago. I find it entertaining but don’t take it too seriously. Actually I have met some very nice gentlemen on CL have not really had a bad experience, of course, one has to be smart about it. I certainly have learned a lot for it. There are a lot of lonely people. Truly I have had worse experiences on traditional dating sites such as Christian mingle and, two guys asked me straight up for money in those sites. With CL I take it with a grain of salt and am realistic about what I will find. I think for a woman there is less spam.

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