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My partner and I were looking for some pegging videos but had not found any nice onces. Then we found this site which has some great info. We’re new to this, only having had 3 nights over the last month. The 3rd time was great as I got him in my stockings; it was dead nice. The thing we was wondering was, he feels like he’s going to cum but can't handle the feeling. He says its like a huge build up of the sensation of cumming but the feeling gets more and more and he doesn't cum? Can you point us in the right direction?

First - let me point you to a great source for pegging videos if you are looking for the non-BDSM kind. Pegging 101 is a group I lead on Yahoo tribes specifically for people who want the pegging without all the humiliation, degradation, dominance, S&M and feminization. (We don't get freaky about stockings or panties and stuff - just ask that people don't post the  Just loving, sensual pegging. That link will take you to the thread where we have posted a collection of videos with that description.

Okay - so your partner's experience. This sounds like a woman's experience with her G-spot, so it's quite possible that all he needs to do is relax. Easier said than done sometimes. A comfortable position would help where he can truly relax and let go. But beyond that - are you (or he) stimulating his cock at the same time? Some men can come with just pegging but not all of them. Many need cock stimulation as well to achieve orgasm. Sounds like he is getting close.  Give that a try and see how it works.


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  1. Which positions have you/they tried? Maybe try on his back, or leaning against a wall? Or doggie-style? Maybe on his side?

    The objective is to change/vary the way the dildo stimulates/drags across the prostate…

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