Podcast #14

Jelly Dildo

Pegging Paradise Podcast #14

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CatalystCon sweetness!

♥ I make a deal with you

Listen to my boatload of information and semi-rant about toxic toys and...

♥ I'll read you some erotica

♥ Stay with me here

Prop 65


♥ As promised "Lust and Love"

Note - I neglected to mention in my podcast that Ducky Doolittle was also a speaker in this presentation - in fact she led the discussion and contributed a lot of important information as did Metis Black from Tantus. I was pretty excited to meet Jennifer Pritchett, though - I'd been following her ever since I'd heard her on the original Sex is Fun podcast - talking about toxic sex toys in 2007!

Choice quote from Ducky Doolittle as she put a clear container on the table with a jelly dildo in it: "You're welcome to come up and smell my penis."

Danish EPA Sex Toy Study

US EPA Phthalate Study in Children's Toys


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