Lessons Learned

View from the top of Mt. Langley (14,042 ft.). I was holding the camera.


It was an unexpected day of lessons for me.

When there is work inside me that needs to be done - I trust the universe to send me a reminder on a regular basis until I deal with it. Never fails. Like a cleanup crew.

I got one of those today. Interesting how words on a screen can feel like a kick in the gut. But that's just the universe doing her thing, giving me another opportunity to take care of my shit. After a while, I was grateful to be pointed to a part of me that needs more healing.

I end this day more whole and more aware than when I started it. For that I am definitely grateful.


The lessons? Here are the important ones:

Never ignore the red flags.

Do not build a house of cards with hope; fall in love with the reality, not the dream.

Actions taken are more important than words spoken.

Incredible sex does not an incredible relationship make.


I wish you all paths with gentle lessons, and the wisdom to learn from them.


 ♥ Ruby Ryder ♥

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    1. Ahhh…this was from a previous relationship.
      He surfaced and I was reminded that I had a bit more healing to do. I was also reminded of the lessons I learned from that experience.

      He had a lot of characteristics that I’d been looking for, for a very long time. Missing a couple of key ones, though. Honesty. Control of his own life. Little stuff like that. All in all it was an amazing experience that I have to be fucking honest and say I’d do all over again if given the chance. But it was never meant to be forever.

      Meanwhile, Mr. Dinner with Cock Shots has risen to the top of the crowd from the vanilla dating site…I don’t think he’s so vanilla after all. (smile) I told him about the pegging and he’s…eager, to say the least.

  1. Hope it goes well Ruby. Couldn’t agree more about what doesn’t make an incredible relationship. Hope you find that incredible life relationship, including pegging all the way 😉

    1. Thanks, SNF. I can honestly say that every relationship I have ever been in has offered some very valuable lessons. I’ve tried my best to learn from them and pay attention to the path ahead instead of repeating mistakes. So far so good! Thanks for cheering me on… 😉

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