A Little Clarity

So, dear readers, it's that time again. Every month, I write a post about how pegging is not gay.

Why? Because the assumption is so very prevalent that monthly reminders are necessary for all the newcomers to my blog.

A reminder is also necessary for those of you who are considering trying it out but you have concerns. You guys lurking and reading and trying to decide if you really want to do this wild thing called "pegging" or not? Yeah. This post is for you. Here's my message for you today:


Don't listen to the little voice.

You know, the one that says...


He must be gay if he likes ass play.

If I peg him, he'll leave me and go get a real cock.

If I like ass play I must be gay.

If she pegs me it's will be like a gateway drug and I'll want men!

That little voice is not your friend. That little voice is lying to you, misleading you and scaring you. Conclusion: that little voice is not nice. Ignore it.


The only thing that determines your sexual orientation is which gender you are attracted to - not what they do to you!


♥ If you are sexually attracted only to the opposite gender, you are heterosexual.
♥ If you are attracted only to the same gender, you are gay.
♥ If you are sexually attracted to both genders, you are bisexual.


In this age of marvelous and hi-tech sex toys, we can do so many things we were unable to do without them, no matter what gender we are. One of these things is pegging.  Pegging is just a heterosexual couple playing with sex toys! And believe you me, a strap-on is one fun toy to play with.

Take a look around the website and see what the men say about it, how insanely pleasurable it is.

Read why I like pegging.

Read what another woman says.

And ignore the little voice!


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  1. Ruby, might I add:

    “If I peg him, he’ll leave me and go get a real cock.” – No, but he might seriously consider looking for another woman who has successfully integrated strap-on play into her repertoire. It feels that good!

    “If she pegs me it will be like a gateway drug and I’ll want men!” – Sorry, but pegging almost always leads to… more pegging! (Check and see if this isn’t true. If not, you might be doing it wrong.)

    Just how terrible would that be, hmm? 🙂

    1. Well I suppose what is true about pegging and gay is that if a man is bi-curious and has always been hiding it and denying it – a bit of pegging with his partner might make him brave enough to come out as bisexual/bi-curious. To that situation I say huzzah! Because whenever someone is open about the true nature of their sexuality and their desires, it is a huzzah day.

      But pegging will most definitely not change a straight guy into anything except a straight guy who loves to get pegged!

      1. Ruby, just to clarify that my comments weren’t directed at you, but to those guys and gals who have that unfriendly little voice nagging at them and are as yet not taking your advice to push the mental “Block” button on it. I apologise if there was any misunderstanding.

        1. Archie – No worries. I am making a point these days of being sure I hold space for all orientations, and I’m finding out that bisexual men who enjoy pegging are more common than I realized; they write me letters. So while I do a monthly ‘he’s not gay’ post – I never want to intimate that gay is bad or that there are not more orientations between straight and gay.

          It’s ALL good!

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