Podcast #24

Shiri Zinn Ceramic Dildo
Shiri Zinn - The Triangle

Pegging Paradise Podcast #24

❤ Welcome to the World of Strap-on Harnesses

❤ Leather - Aslan, Shiri Zinn

❤ Fabric - Spare Parts, RodeoH, Velvet Nest

❤ Unusual - Shibari Rope, Midori Scarves, briefs, jeans

❤ Here's a switch - he enjoys ass play but refuses to let her strap one on. She really wants to peg him. What to do?

❤ Are glass toys non-toxic and can they be used for anal warm-up?

❤ Pegging Paradise is named one of the top 100 sex blogs for the second year running!


Aslan Leather Harnesses

Aslan Leather Double-up cuff

Aslan Vegan Harnesses

Shiri Zinn Sex toy art

Spare Parts Joque

Spare Parts Sasha

Spare Parts Deuce


Velvet nest

Velvet Nest Tumblr

Shibari Rope Harness

Midori's Harness with Scarves

Non-BDSM Amateur Video Clips

Men talking about prostate/penile orgasms

Charlie Glickman - "The World Will Be A Better Place When More Men Take It Up The Ass”

Don's (Glass) Wands

Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2012

"A podcast without a listener is like a strap-on without an ass!"

♥Ruby Ryder♥

7 Responses

  1. Great podcast, as always!

    Some of these harnesses look absolutely stunning. If my girlfriend was wearing The Triangle, I think I’d have a hard time deciding whether I should let her have her way with me or whether I should devote some attention to her behind first!

    Also, we did use a pair of jeans as a harness once and while it was not that comfortable it made for one of the most deliciously arousing clothed-female-nude-male experiences ever.

    Finally, I think the rope harness is incredibly sexy and – in my book – being tied up by a woman and then watch her make her own harness before the festivities begin would qualify as the ultimate tease!

    1. Whether to let her have her way or pay some attention to her behind – win-win, right?

      Love the CFNM jeans idea. I’m a fan of CFNM myself – I enjoy the power dynamic of it.

      Excellent idea; he watches you make the harness while he’s tied up!

  2. Is it just my imagination, or does the Black version of the Spare Parts Sasha harness have the opening for the dildo higher up than the Red version?

    Does this mean that the Black version is for those who prefer pushing with their pubic bone area, whilst the Red version is for those who prefer it lower down?

    It also doesn’t look like a double-ender could be used with the Black version as the opening is too high up. But that’s only my observation of the photos.

    The Spare Parts website makes no mention of any difference between the Black and Red versions, so it’s a little confusing.

    You’ve mentioned previously that you’d like one of these Ruby, so you may not have acquired one yet, but if you’ve seen the two variations up close, can you comment on whether they are different in this way?

    1. You have a good eye, Archie. I took a look at their website and saw clearly what you are describing. So I wrote them a note and asked about it. I didn’t mention doubles – just the O-ring placement. My guess is that the black one is a previous model and the red one is a newer model with the O-ring lowered to where it works better. We will see when they write back. (I do not have the Sasha harness yet, so cannot comment on the difference.)

      Thanks for the heads up!

    2. Though it looks like the harnesses are made differently – Tres herself (owner) from Spare Parts assured me that it was how the Sasha harness was placed on the model, there is no difference between the two on the items for sale:

      Trust me the two color versions of the product are exactly the same, one is not higher than the other. Even if the display product may appear that way, the products produced (for sale) are the same. When we photograph products we have many to shoot, and many different angles, etc, and there are so many details to look at. We didn’t expect people to actually measure hole position. We will be replacing the images soon as we have also switched the lace around the legs with an even sexier one. Once we have images of the black version we will switch the images. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, we will make sure when we photograph the black one that we look at this, to make sure they match so it isn’t’ confusing for those who measure them. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Can’t wait to see the new lace on the Sasha!

      1. Thanks for posting the reply Ruby. I’m sure Tres would have rather asked “Who IS this person who has nothing better to do with his time than to measure such things?!?!” 🙂

        Can’t wait to see the new photos as well. I have my ruler ready!

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